Smart charging by Hydro-Québec

The software platform for smart EV charging.

Electric vehicle drivers need fast, painless and reliable access to charging. We help network operators and station owners provide it with their own customized solutions.

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EV driver holding mobile phone for charging
Screenshots of the AXSO platform on desktop, tablet and mobile.

So much more than just charging.

We build a fully customized end-to-end solution for managing, promoting and monetizing your stations. All you do is turn them on.

Increase and optimize traffic

Point drivers to available stations based on their location and vehicle type. Send them alerts on their charging progress and show the progress of other vehicles. All in one app.
Screenshots of the applications showing charging stations nearby.
AXSO Platform screenshot for paying and charging

Activate and start billing

Every driver account comes with a convenient e-wallet to pay for one or several vehicles. No account? Simply bill them as guests.

Manage everything online

Your team uses a powerful, customized web portal with detailed activity dashboards, user analytics and remote management tools –everything they need to maximize efficiency and reduce costs.
Screenshot of the web administration panel.

Discover our smart charging solutions

The ultimate digital EV charging experience for drivers.

Station finder
Locates charging stations on a map and provides real-time availability status and usage fee.
Digital e-wallet
Funds can be deposited in a wallet as pre-payment for charging sessions. Support for all types of payment methods.
Trip planner
Minimizes delays by calculating the most efficient charging stops depending on their destination.
Alerts on charge progress
Notifications are issued when EV is fully charged or when the charging session has been interrupted.

More power to network operators and station owners.

OCPP compatible
Supports every OCPP 1.6 compliant EVSE: ABB, Tritium, Efacec, Delta, Lafon, ChargePoint, AddEnergie and others.
Member management
Records all member-related details such as refunds, charging history, vehicles etc.
Revenue management
Enables station revenue management and connects with financial institutions for convenient transactions.
Custom branding
Applications can be customized using your branding guidelines. Some features can be removed if needed.
Electric Circuit
Our customers

How we built Electric Circuit's scalable digital infrastructure, for today and tomorrow.

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Power player

AXSO is a subsidiary of Hydro-Québec, the largest power utility in Canada and a major player in the global hydropower industry. A pioneer in hydroelectricity in North America with a long history of innovation, Hydro-Québec is well-positioned to make a meaningful contribution to the global shift to renewable energy sources.
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AXSO is a subsidiary of Hydro-Québec

Get onboard the EV smart charging revolution.