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With the adoption of electric vehicles, Montréal wanted to solve the problem of drivers who didn’t respect the signalisation for parking and snow removal hours.

Electric car drivers who used charging stations frequently didn’t realize that parking hours still applied.

AXSO proposed a solution that alerts the drivers by showing them the parking hours of that specific charging station. It can also notify the driver who is about to use a charging station where the parking will soon become forbidden.

To integrate this feature, the City of Montreal provided AXSO with open datas. The parking hours of the streets, boulevards and avenues that influence the charging station of our partners had to be taken into account. The hours can be changed in real time, such as for special events or construction.

It is particularly important when there is snow removal operations, which changes the parking hours of specific areas on short notice. Since the app is connected to the data of the City of Montreal, it can turn on a whim. This is particularly useful for the administrator because it was impossible to remove a vehicle that was charging. The snow plow needed to drive around the charging car, creating a snow barrier and problems for city employees.

With AXSO’s solution, the administrator of the City of Montreal can also block the charging stations of a specific zone, so when parking is illegal, it’s impossible to charge any vehicle in that zone. This feature is also essential for the drivers.

Soon, a new feature will be introduced which will allow the users to pay their parking fees in the same place where they pay for their charging sessions.

The solution provided by AXSO for Montréal is a great example of integrating open data to solve problems.

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