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Turn EV traffic into foot traffic

EV drivers are shoppers and diners with a difference. They have both money to spend and, while their vehicles are charging, plenty of time to spend it. With our platform, capturing their business with on-premises charging has never been easier. Or leverage the nearest public station by advertising with us.
Business owner and driver exchanging a special offer by scanning a mobile phone

Add value for prospects in so many ways

Commercial offers
Activates commercial offers from businesses in the vicinity of charging stations.
Station finder
Locates charging stations on a map and provides real-time availability status and usage fee.
Digital e-wallet
Funds can be deposited in a wallet as pre-payment for charging sessions. Support for all types of payment methods.
Asset management
Enables EVSE installation, maintenance, documentation and more.
Revenue management
Enables station revenue management and connects with financial institutions for convenient transactions.
Customer support
Creates support roles with custom access using helpdesk solutions such as ZenDesk.
Reporting and analytics
Full reports can be exported including charging station usage, users and other stats.
Electric vehicle parked and charging in front of a store.

Discover our smart charging solutions

Get onboard the EV smart charging revolution.