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Our industry-leading software platform for EV charging has all the cool, practical features drivers like you really want. Help spread the word about us to your local government, public utility, employer, landlord or other EV charging providers in your area and get the charging simplicity you deserve.

Don’t miss these great driver-centric features:

Station finder
Locates charging stations on a map and provides real-time availability status and usage fee.
Start charging
Start a charging session at a station and remotely track charging progress.
Alerts on charge progress
Notifications are issued when EV is fully charged or when the charging session has been interrupted.
Trip planner
Minimizes delays by calculating the most efficient charging stops depending on their destination.
Status of other vehicles
Displays the charging progress of other vehicles to help drivers plan their session.
Digital e-wallet
Funds can be deposited in a wallet as pre-payment for charging sessions. Support for all types of payment methods.
Station usage trends
Displays daily usage trends for any station for a clear picture of station activity.
Multiple vehicles
Owners of multiple EVs can list them under a single account and switch from one vehicle to another.
Apple CarPlay
Supports Apple CarPlay to display charging stations nearby.
Android Auto
Supports for Android Auto to display charging stations nearby.

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