Solutions for network operators

Charging management is now manageable.

Whether it’s local or regional, public or private, operating a network of charging stations is complicated enough. Let our digital infrastructure make it all run smoothly. For your customers and for you.

Plug into power.

Station finder
Locates charging stations on a map and provides real-time availability status and usage fee.
Trip planner
Minimizes delays by calculating the most efficient charging stops depending on their destination.
Digital e-wallet
Funds can be deposited in a wallet as pre-payment for charging sessions. Support for all types of payment methods.
Asset management
Enables EVSE installation, maintenance, documentation and more.
Member management
Records all member-related details such as refunds, charging history, vehicles etc.
Revenue management
Enables station revenue management and connects with financial institutions for convenient transactions.
Custom branding
Applications can be customized using your branding guidelines. Some features can be removed if needed.
Displays a summary of all station activity in real time for quick reference to vital information.

Manage everything online

Your team uses a powerful, customized web portal with detailed activity dashboards, user analytics and remote management tools –everything they need to maximize efficiency and reduce costs.
Screenshot of the web administration panel.

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