About AXSO

Building the EV charging digital infrastructure.

Owned by Hydro-Québec, a world leader in clean energy, AXSO helps station operators monetize the electric vehicle charging experience, while keeping it simple for drivers.

What drives us.

AXSO's vision is to accelerate the electric vehicle revolution by transforming the charging experience from a necessity to an opportunity.

Enter the post-carbon economy.

The electrification of ground transportation using renewable energy is one of the key strategies for helping the world transition from fossil fuels. At AXSO, we strive to do our share to turn that vision into a reality even sooner, leaving a cleaner environment for future generations.

We are fortunate to have partners like Electric Circuit by Hydro-Québec, a pioneer in the public charging sector, which demands superior quality and drives us to develop state-of-the-art solutions.

Led by experience and vision.

Alexandre Bérubé
Alexandre Bérubé
CEO, President
France Lampron
France Lampron
Director - Development of customer offers, Energy and Mobility

“Transitioning the management of Electric Circuit to AXSO was a transparent process for our users and brought us so many benefits that we still wonder why we didn't do it earlier. AXSO's agility helps us quickly turn our ideas into new features, thus continuously improving the charging experience for our customers. And that is priceless.”

France Lampron
Transportation Electrification at Hydro-Québec