Solutions for multi-unit property managers

Bring smoother charging home

With more and more of your tenants and co-owners driving EVs, staying competitive means answering their charging needs. Our platform lets you sweeten your offering while keeping charging station management simple.

Make your property EV-friendly

Alerts on charge progress
Notifications are issued when EV is fully charged or when the charging session has been interrupted.
Digital e-wallet
Funds can be deposited in a wallet as pre-payment for charging sessions. Support for all types of payment methods.
Guest payments
Customers who wish to pay as guests can do so without signing up.
Asset management
Enables EVSE installation, maintenance, documentation and more.
Member management
Records all member-related details such as refunds, charging history, vehicles etc.
Revenue management
Enables station revenue management and connects with financial institutions for convenient transactions.
Custom branding
Applications can be customized using your branding guidelines. Some features can be removed if needed.
Reporting and analytics
Full reports can be exported including charging station usage, users and other stats.

Discover our smart charging solutions

Get onboard the EV smart charging revolution.